Membership in the Michigan Digital Preservation Network is open to any and all institutions seeking to preserve and protect their digital collections, as well as individuals interested in keeping up with digital preservation practice.

Pricing levels for the MDPN can be found in the table below. This model was developed to balance costs with equity, in order to create a path to digital preservation access for institutions of all sizes and means across the state. If you are interested in in starting a conversation about membership, please contact MDPN Coordinator, Chelsea Denault.

Membership TypeAnnual Operating BudgetAnnual Membership Costs
“Erie”$10,000 or under$100
“Ontario”$10,001 – $100,000$300
“Huron”$100,001 – $500,000$550
“Michigan”$500,001 – $999,999$1,500
“Superior”$1 Million – $9.9 Million$2,500
“Bridge”$10 Million+$3,500
“Anchor”*n/a$5,000 (can include in-kind support)
*”Anchor” memberships are not based on annual budget, but are sustaining memberships that include substantial monetary investment in the Network or associated in-kind support. To discuss becoming an Anchor Member, please contact MDPN Coordinator, Chelsea Denault.

Why should I become a member?

First, and most importantly, membership in the Network provides you an opportunity to safely and securely preserve your institution’s digital content as part of an overall collections management plan. Second, members work together as a community to build capacity for and access to digital preservation at organizations across the state by sharing expertise, technology, other resources. This helps institutions, large and small, eliminate redundancy and save money by not having to build their own internal preservation systems. Finally, as the MDPN works to serve as a model for cooperative digital preservation regionally and nationally, your membership contributes to this important mission and demonstrates that working together produces better results.

I’m not a museum, library, or archive, but I want to be involved with the MDPN and learn more about digital preservation. Can I be a member?

Yes! We offer individual memberships in addition to those for institutions. Individual memberships are a great way for staff at museums, libraries, archives, and other organizations to learn more about digital preservation and the Network.