Assessment and Benchmarking

Before embarking on a digital preservation program, it’s useful to know where you are and where you’re going! Here’s some useful resources for assessing your preservation strategies and setting goals for the future.

NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation Coalition Rapid Assessment Model (RAM)

Northeast Document Conservation Center Digital Preservation Assessment Handbook

Tools and Workflows

The digital preservation community is a great resource for information-sharing, especially for free and open-source tools and workflows that cover all elements of preservation from characterization to fixity checking.

Community-Owned (digital) Preservation Tool Registry (COPTR)

Digital Preservation Coalition Preservation Handbook: Tools

Advocacy & Building Organizational Support

Digital preservation isn’t just a technical issue, it’s a people issue too! Building consensus among the many stakeholders within an organization – from IT staff to collections professionals even and board members – can help centralize a vision for digital preservation, encourage support and engagement, and encourage interdepartmental cooperation. Below are resources to help communicate the importance of digital preservation, calculate its value, and build a network of internal and external collaborators.

Digital Preservation Coalition Digital Preservation Handbook

Digital Preservation Coalition Presentations: Getting Started with Advocacy & Presenting Your Case

Erin Baucom,, “Building strategic alliances to support advocacy and planning for digital preservation,” University of Montana

Carol Kussmann, “Developing a Business Case for Digital Preservation,” Minnesota Historical Society

Scott Prater, “How to Talk to IT about Digital Preservation,” Journal of Archival Organization

Digital Preservation Coalition Business Case Toolkit

AVP Cost of Inaction Calculator