Stepping Stones Project Research & Deliverables

In 2019, the Statewide & Regional Stepping Stones to the National Digital Platform Project carried out the following research activities:

  • Gathered and analyzed statewide data on digital preservation readiness and organizational needs 
  • Hosted a project symposium to discuss findings and plan for project deliverables 
  • Engaged expert consultants from leading national distributed digital preservation networks;
  • Conducted national-level field research on successful state/regional networks; and
  • Carried out workshop intensives to develop the final project deliverables

The research’s ultimate goal was to, for the first time, intentionally study, replicate, refine, and codify the achievements of the country’s leading state and regional distributed digital preservation networks. The culmination of these findings are encompassed in The Stepping Stones Collaboration Toolkit – a resource designed to communicate best practices for state and regional network and community building. The Collaboration Toolkit includes a range of model agreements, policy templates, and other helpful resources to meet current and emerging networks as they seek to advance digital preservation in new shareable, scalable, and sustainable ways. 

Other research data and outputs include:

To read the Project Narrative and Abstract please visit the IMLS award page.