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MDPN Presents First “Great Question!” Event!

Join the MDPN, the Michigan Service Hub of the DPLA, the Library of Michigan, and Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners for our first-ever “Great Question!” event. This virtual event provides digital collections professionals and practitioners to ask – in a low stakes and friendly space – any question about digitization, digital collection management, metadata, providing access, or digital preservation.

Questions might include:

  • How are you providing access to historic photos?
  • Where can I get my newspapers digitized?
  • What metadata schemas do you use to describe born-digital materials? What is a metadata schema???
  • Should I be creating disk images of donor’s hard drives?
  • How does your institution handle fixity checks?
  • What do I do with all of these unprocessed floppy disks?????? HELP.
  • How do you handle email preservation?
  • How do I establish a useful file naming standard (and make sure my digitization volunteers stick to it)?
  • What ‘s a SIP? Or an AIP?? Or a DIP??? And why are there so many acronyms????
  • How do you advocate for more resources at your institution? What strategies are effective?

Experts and colleagues will be on hand to share their experiences, strategies, and maybe even a few horror stories (i.e. what not to do!). And remember – they’re all great questions!

To participate, either Ask a Question or Answer a Question before or during the event on April 25. You don’t need to be present at the event to ask or answer a question – all of the data will be available after the event to review! But we do encourages folks to attend in-person to engage in conversation with other attendees.

Ask a Great Question!:

Give a Great Answer!:

Register for the Zoom link:

We can’t wait to read your question!