Open Call for Committee Members

The Michigan Digital Preservation Network is seeking volunteers for its Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is the temporary governing body of the MDPN and its work is central to shaping the Network’s future impact on cultural institutions across the state. Members of the Advisory Committee also serve on at least one of three standing committees:

The Membership Committee seeks to develop an equitable member fee structure and consider what member services the MDPN may provide.

The Governance Committee is tasked with recommending a plan that prioritizes inclusivity and equity for the Network’s member-run governance structure.

The Technology Committee is charged with identifying and selecting the hardware, systems, software, etc. that will comprise the Network’s infrastructure.

Although not a standing committee, the MDPN is also seeking volunteers for a Conference Committee, with the goal of developing a three-track virtual conference about digital preservation for collections professionals, IT professionals, and administrators/deans. This event will play an important role in informing prospective members about digital preservation practice and building consensus across these three key stakeholder groups.

We welcome prospective committee members from Michigan museums, libraries, archives, historical societies, and other cultural heritage or collecting institutions. You do not need to have digital preservation experience to get involved – only interest in sharing your perspective and contributing your time in order to make the MDPN as responsive and representative as possible. To volunteer or to request more information, please contact MDPN Coordinator, Chelsea Denault.