MDPN & World Digital Preservation Day

November 5th marks World Digital Preservation Day around the globe as preservation professionals share their work and celebrate their accomplishments over the past year. This includes a new report from a national study funded by the Institute for Museums and Library Services (IMLS) and led by Ithaka S+R that seeks to examine how digital preservation systems are developed, deployed, and sustained. The report highlighted the Statewide and Regional Stepping Stones to the National Digital Platform’s model as an innovative approach towards building a more sustainable digital preservation network. Rather than devoting resources and staff to developing preservation infrastructure at each institution, the report emphasizes how libraries, archives, museums, and other collecting institutions can “pool resources” and work collectively to keep development and maintenance costs down for the entire network. International eyes will continue to watch us here in Michigan as we work to implement the Stepping Stones model at the state level!

In celebration of World Digital Preservation Day, the MDPN also made its Twitter debut! Follow us @Mi_MDPN for news and updates about the Network, as well as information about workshops, conferences, job listings, and more from digital preservation organizations around the world.