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MDPN Panel at the Michigan Academic Library Association Annual Meeting

Join MDPN Coordinator, Dr. Chelsea Denault, and Technology Committee Member, Paul Gallagher as they lead a panel presentation with other MDPN Committee members during the MiALA Annual Meeting, Wednesday, May 19 from 4:15-5pm.

The panelists represent a variety of different roles in academic libraries across the state and discussion will focus on why the MDPN will be a valuable resource for universities, colleges, and other academic institutions managing historic cultural collections. Panelists will also address how collaboration, resource-sharing, and member-centered governance will help lower many of the barriers individual institutions face in finding solutions to the daunting challenge digital preservation presents.

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If you are interested in joining the MDPN as a Technology, Membership, or Governance Committee member, please email Coordinator, Chelsea Denault.