Advisory Committee Strategic Planning Meeting

At the end of October, the MDPN’s Advisory Committee convened to turn our vision for the Network into a strategic plan. The Committee discussed some ambitious goals in each of three strategic priorities – reliable technological infrastructure, financially self-sustaining, and robust and representative member community. These ideas will be taken up by new subcommittees dedicated to technology, governance, and membership for continued discussion. Many thanks to the Committee members who were present – Rick Adler (DPLA Michigan Hub), Heidi Butler (Capital Area District Libraries), Sharon Carson (Historical Society of Michigan), Jeffrey Daniels (Grand Valley State), Lindsay Hiltunen (Michigan Archival Association, Northern Michigan), Ranti Junus (Michigan State), Nathan Kemler (Michigan Museum Association, Grand Valley State), Matt Pacer (Library of Michigan), Marcus Robyns (Northern Michigan), Matt Schulz (Educopia Institute), and Shannon White (Library of Michigan) – for continuing to help plot a path forward for the MDPN!

If you want to join the MDPN Advisory Committee or the Membership, Governance, and Technical Subcommittees and shape the Network’s future, please contact MDPN Coordinator, Chelsea Denault, at